Advance Flight Arrangements Tailored to Your Choice

Stop Overpaying for Hourly Rates - Unlock Unprecedented Value and Transparency with Our Flight Charter Service

With the Able Jet Card, members enjoy the privilege of pre-arranged flights aboard any aircraft, operated exclusively by FAA-approved carriers. You’ll receive a direct bill from Able  Jets, encompassing all-inclusive fees—scheduling, federal taxes, and any additional requested services—with unparalleled transparency.

Able Jet Card Advantage


Able Jets is a Wyvern Approved Broker. Wyvern is the Tiffany of Aviation Safety Standards. Why place your family in anything less.

Low Upfront Membership

Why should you let someone else play with your money with zero return.

Aircraft Choice

Why lock yourself into a specific aircraft, you choose the aircraft that is right for each trip.

Total Transparency

Able Jets, you will see the aircraft wholesale cost and our margin.

Transparent Fixed Rate

Able Jets will only deduct your membership a maximum of 3 hours in a 72 hour period.

No Unexpected Surcharges

Why pay additional fuel surcharges or any other surcharge that you did not authorize. Able Jets will not bill any surcharges without prior authorization.

Complimentary Catering

Complimentary catering and complimentary hotel and ground transportation arrangements on every flight.

No Expiration Date

No expiration date and no time limit on your membership, your membership is active until all your hours are redeemed.

Knowledgeable & Experienced Personnel

Able Jets has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in aviation. Many times we are able to find "one ways" or "back-hauls" that can save you thousands of dollars. Let our experience team save you time & money without sacrificing Safety & Quality.

Complimentary Air Ambulance Evacuation 24/7

In the unfortunate event you need air ambulance evacuation, Able Jets will arrange the entire transport with no deduction to your Able Jet Card. Flight coordinators are available 24 hours a day seven days a week for your convenience. We will assist in recovering any funds available through your health or travel insurance company.

Pay Exclusively for Your Time in the Air

Our members appreciate the simplicity and fairness of being charged solely for occupied flight hours. For example, a 2.5-hour journey costs just $2,500 from your membership card balance—with no hidden costs for aircraft relocation. It's transparent, final billing with a promise of no unexpected surcharges.

Protection Against Overbilling

As your trusted intermediary, we safeguard you from the frequent surcharges and post-flight fees found in other programs. Our billing is an open book, displaying the wholesale rates from the Named Air Carrier and detailing all fees upfront. Our commitment is to surprise-free, clear-cut invoicing.

Flexible Itinerary Changes

Should your travel plans evolve, Able Jets will transparently adjust the billing to reflect only the additional amount, including any extra scheduling fees and taxes, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Optimized Flexible Membership

The Able Jet Card Membership redefines jet card utility, offering unmatched flexibility in private jet charter without tying up your funds. With access to a diverse fleet across providers, we stand for safety, quality, value, and predictable costs.

All purchased hours are fully transferable and never expire, ensuring your investment in convenience and luxury endures.