Gary Burdsall of Able Jets

Gary Lee Burdsall

President / Founder
Airline Transport Pilot ATP/CFII
FAA FAASTEAM Representative 

Gary Burdsall began his aviation career right after high school by attending flight school. He graduated from FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach in 1977, finishing top of his class as a fully certified flight instructor. The academy provided him the opportunity to instruct commercial airline pilots from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Uganda, Sweden, and many other countries.

After a year and a half as a senior instructor at FlightSafety Academy, Gary was hired as a Learjet first officer for the MGC Corporation in Melbourne, Florida. Since then, he has flown various types of jets, turboprops, multi-engine aircraft, and helicopters. In 1980, he was hired as Chief Pilot by Indian River Foods/Becker Holding Corporation.

During his early years in Vero Beach, Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to identify a need for a jet air ambulance and air charter service for the Treasure Coast area. Inspired by Richard and William Becker’s success, he founded Able Aviation in 1987, which later became Able American Jets, and is now known as Able Jets.

Gary’s commitment to aviation safety led to his appointment as one of the first FAA Accident Prevention Counselors (APC) in 1981. He introduced the first FAA aviation safety seminars to the Treasure Coast area, conducting them monthly for over a decade. He maintained this role for many years and is now known as an FAASteam Representative.

Able Jets grew into one of the largest air charter, air ambulance, and ground ambulance companies in the United States. By 2001, it operated two FAA Air Carrier Certificates, 12 jets, four turboprop King Airs, 24 ground ambulances, and a jet engine overhaul facility. With five domiciles across the U.S., it transported patients and charter clients worldwide.

Larry Leet of Able Jets

Larry Leet

Vice President / CEO
Senior Partner / Flight Concierge 

Larry Leet’s professional journey began in the automotive industry in Joliet, Illinois, before he transitioned to his family’s Oldsmobile dealership in Port St. Lucie. In 1998, he made a significant career shift, joining Able American Jets, now Able Jets, at the Treasure Coast International Airport. Larry’s unwavering dedication and exceptional skills quickly earned him a promotion to the role of Director of Sales within a year, a testament to his reliability and efficiency in the aviation industry.

In 2003, Larry became Vice President and partner at American Jets Air Ambulance, where he oversaw a team of approximately 60 employees and managed patient transports worldwide. After Air Methods acquired American Jets in 2013, Larry continued his aviation career as a partner at Able Jets, brokering air charter and air ambulance flights globally.

Today, he serves as the CEO/Vice President of Able Jets and brings his extensive expertise and passion for service to the aviation industry.